Jet Relays Soul Festival was founded in February 2017 by Germain Trotter as the result of a desire to create a safe and positive environment to educate student athletes on healthy lifestyles, manifesting their best abilities, and competing at an elite level. From this desire, he partnered with The Prep Factory and also with the founder of Hallmark Track Club, Newton Braziel. Through this collaboration, Germain Trotter’s vision to host an annual competitive track & field event that would bring together talented athletes from some of the Nation’s Top Colleges/HBCUs, High Schools, and Middle Schools was birthed! This historic event will also serve as an exciting and dynamic platform for coaches and scouts to see high school athletes preparing for their college athletic careers.


The Prep Factory aims to offer college readiness and academic planning services to students and families as well as assist colleges and universities with recruiting efforts by providing them access to area students with exceptional matriculation promise.

Hallmark Track Club was founded by Newton Braziel in 1987 as a past time for athletes he coached for Hallmark Football and Cheer. At first, it was exclusive to family and kids from the football program, but as it grew and became more successful, the club attracted more athletes from other football teams and other areas. They have participated in Hershey’s Track and Field Program, ARCO Jesse Owens Games and the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF).


Within 10 years, Hallmark was more than 100 members strong and began to gain more coaches and staff as well as respect from the track community.  Currently, Hallmark Track Club has garnered 15 Relay National Championships, over 60 National Medal Winners, and over 300 National Qualifiers. To date, they are now almost 200 strong and competing in every age division, boys and girls. On staff, they now have 15 coaches and 40 USATF Certified Officials.


Jet Relays Soul Festival revolves around reinvesting in the community it serves. Due to this cultural philosophy, a portion of the proceeds will be used to finance local programs, award scholarships to high school students, and for donations to St. Jude Hospital.

The Jet Relays Soul Festival Weekend is an Annual Track and Field Event which features some of the most talented athletes from some of the Nation's Top Colleges/HBCU's, High Schools and Middle Schools.


This event is also set to feature a Soul Festival with attractions such as a Street Carnival, Car and Bike Show, Live Music/Concert, Celebrity Guests, College Fair, Health Fair, After Parties  and a variety of Vendors and Food Trucks from all over.

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